詹妮弗 楊 正在參與競選成為有史以來第一位直選在墨爾本的女市長


詹妮弗 楊所支持的有:

  • 多樣     各種意見。 市政廳的決定應考慮到各種各樣的意見。
  • 平等     一切公平。 無論種族,性別或背景。
  • 繁榮     一個強大的現代化城市。 一個城市和大會堂,我們都可以引以為豪。

詹妮弗 楊所發表的當選執行政策

  • 承諾為婦女和兒童建立以神父鮑勃為名的救難協助安置中中心
  • 提高我們整個城市的安全
  • 給予退休人員雙倍的退休金
  • 提供墨爾本的居民更多的交通運輸
  • 實現墨爾本真正的無障礙空間
  • 綠化墨爾本中央商業區
  • 為墨爾本的原住民們發聲
  • 建設漁人灣的電車橋
  • 結束在市政廳政黨的派對文化     更多信息在這裡 


凡是年滿18歲,在墨爾本市區擁有無論是出租或是自住的物業,或是居住超過12 個月的非澳洲公民,包含留學生和工作簽證持有者都有權利投票
墨爾本市的轄區包括CBD, Docklands, Southbank, Carlton, Parkville, West Melbourne, North Melbourne, Soth Melbourne, Kensington, Flemington, East Melbourne 以及部分, South Yarra
PS:不投票City Council會出罰金
投票截止時間 為 2018年5月11日,星期五, 下午6點




支持詹妮弗 楊 請進入 推特   臉書  競選網站

A Strong Local Voice
Jennifer Yang is currently campaigning full time to become the first ever directly elected female Mayor to Town Hall

She is an Executive Committee Member of the Australian Local Government Women's Association Victorian Branch, President of the National Australian Chinese Women's Association and former twice elected Mayor of the City of Manningham.
She is also an information security technology specialist, mum of two kids and running to be Lord Mayor for all women and girls across the City.

What Jennifer Yang stands for

  • Diversity
    A variety of opinions. Decisions at Town Hall should take into account a diverse range of opinions.
  • Equality
    A fair going for all. No matter what race, gender or background.
  • Prosperity
    A strong, modern City. A City and Town Hall we can all be proud of.

The Policies of Jennifer Yang

  • Pledges to build Father Bob's refuge for women and children
  • Improving safety across our city
  • Double the Pensioner Rebate
  • More Transport, more often
  • Making our City truly accessible
  • Greening the roofs of our city
  • Indigenous Melbourne
  • Tram Bridge for Fisherman's Bend
  • Ending the party culture at Town Hall .......More information and details please click here

Key Dates and related notice:

Monday 23 April - Thursday 26 April, Postal ballot packs sent to voters
Above 18 years of age, owns property in Melbourne City, whether rented or self-occupied, or non-Australian citizens who live for more than 12 months. Both international students and working visa holders have the right to vote.
Melbourne's jurisdiction includes CBD, Docklands, Southbank, Carlton, Parkville, West Melbourne, North Melbourne, Soth Melbourne, Kensington, Flemington, East Melbourne and parts of South Yarra
PS: No vote in the City Council will result in a fine
Recommend to mail ballot papers before 1 May to avoid delays in mailing and lead to fines
The deadline for voting is Friday, May 11, 2018, 6 pm

Reminder: Voting must be in your order of preference. From 1 to 14 must be completed according to your preferences. If you only select one of them and the rest is empty then this ballot will be voided.

Please inform all relatives and friends in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, to support Jennifer Yang, the representatives of Taiwanese female.

More information and details please click here

To support Jennifer Yang, welcome to Jennifer Yang's Twitter Facebook Campaign official website

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