Belonging and Love is the way and language of how we connect and communicate with each other. Here I express by words and image to present every moment while I walk on my own path, to describes my unique experience and life joinery 歸屬是我們聯繫彼此的方式,愛是我們溝通語言。 而人性是這個世界上最重要的一切。透過觀察與感受,用影像與文字紀錄這屬於我的人生旅程的每一刻心動...

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當然 局中的我們非常有同感

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It's so excited to meet my old friend, Sam from Taiwan. He had been here working holiday for few months. He stayed in Perth before. Came to Melbourne yesterday. How wonderful to meet old friend here. Tonight we g sat in a bar by Yarra River and had a drink. I want to share the great view to you all. On the way we came to the bar, people almost gathered in Federation Square or in the bars of city. They are watching the 2014 Australian Open. And we are enjoying the life of this city. Welcome Sam to Melbourne, hope you will follow love in Melbourne. This is twentieth day I meet Melbourne. I love Melbourne.

Sam已經來working holiday 一段時間了,之前待在伯斯

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OK~ I think it's good to me, this my first time to watch TV in Australia. It's only having the english subtitle. Great~ More watch TV and movies here. I will be good at reading and listening. Perfect~

Now I am watching "The ugly truth"~

I love Katherine Heigl, shu is cute, especially she meet Eric(Colin) in the movie and got the flower from him, she is jumping like a little girl. but I also love Gerard Butler and Eric Winter. Eric Winter also perform the video series "Brothers & Sisters", that's my favorite series. Do anyone know where i can rent it in Melbourne? Please kindly to tell me~ 

I should say that people usually search what they dreaming, forget to understand what they truly necessary in side, and not to see the one who stand by their side. The truth is you never try to open your mind, that you never know. To appreciate every time, everyone that you will find belong your own truth.

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It's such a great idea. To see people happy make me moving.

I saw this video few days ago, it's moving my mind.
there are twenty cancer patient be invited to come to the photography studio. Everyone is be designed uniquely style dress and make up. They have to close their eyes before finishing the design and taking the photos. Finally, they were taken to in front the mirror. The photographer was hidden behind the mirror. He prepare to record the happy moment when they open eyes to see the new themselves.

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After be here in Australia already more than ten days, I had passed of the class, Responsible Serving of Alcohol. I got the eighty point. Successful got the license. It's a great class. I think it should be a policy in Taiwan too. The premises serving and selling alcohol has the responsibility to take care the customer, create the good environment for everyone. There's a good policy of australia government worthly Taiwan to learn. Finally I received the license. And I will keep going to learn in Australia, to encourage myself and group up. And that's why I'm here.


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In Australian Open

Last night i saw the schedule of 2014 Australian open. As a Taiwanese and also I had been Melbourne. How could I can miss it without to encourage our Taiwanese players. In immediately, i booked the ticket last night until 3am. When i wake up this morning, I was very excited, got on the train and been there. There were crowd in the train, everyone got to watch the games. It's worth for me to buy this ticket, because i can see all of Taiwanese player, Lu Yen-hsun, Jimmy Wang, Yung-Jan Chan, Suwei Hsieh. All of them were had the competition today. The places were all nearly. But unfortunately , Lu and Jimmy got bad luck, they had the competition together. That made me felt sad. How could be?

But this is my first time to watch out of the Australian Open. It's really so exciting, especial came to encourage our Taiwanese players. It's quite hot today, it's 43 temperature, after the competition, my face and my arm was getting red or hot. Even my camera was hot. After competition, Lu is such nice to sign with almost of us. He sign on my own ticket~ so excited and happiness. It's my first be be here in Australian Open. It's worth for the fifty ADU~ I love Taiwan.


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